We are excited to launch our ABR Online Store with a range of merchandise NOW Available for owners to purchase and look part of the team on raceday!

From t-shirts, vests, jackets, caps and a cracking Beanie design, we would love you to follow the link below and jump online for a look.

Aaron Bain Racing – Viva Global (myshopify.com)

We have partnered with VIVA Global and all orders are to be placed through the online system.

Lead time on all items is currently 4-5 weeks with our initial order just placed from suppliers, thereafter will be within the week.

If you commonly see us at the races and would like to avoid the Postage Fees, please feel free to click ‘Pick Up’ when confirming your order and I will organise a Bulk pick up to hand out.

Please Note: if you placed a pre order at the ABR Ladies Club morning two weeks back, the order and payment will still need to be placed online but we will reach out to you individually with a separate email as a reminder.

We would appreciate your support in launching our branding and spreading the word of ABR.

If you have any issues with ordering, please do not hesitate to contact me.